The Commute Conundrum

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Carrie, by complete coincidence, bumped into us during one of our commercial photoshoots in Santa Monica. As someone who had ridden a number of E-Bikes before, we caught up with her to find out why she had decided on her Bandit X-Trail Lite in White. “E-Bikes aren’t a small purchase, so I made sure to test a bunch out before making my decision,” says Carrie. “It just caught my eye immediately; your model’s outfit just matched so nicely with how the bike was designed…it just stood out. I just thought, ‘Yep, that looks like my thing.’” After getting her X-Trail Lite, Carrie shared more about how her commute had changed: “I live close to the office, but not close enough to walk to. I also don’t own a car and can’t always rely on public transit.” She added, “With my bike, I have (my commute) and morning coffee to look forward to; I get to work on time feeling way more energized.” We chatted more about her life with the X-Trail Lite. “It just makes me feel safe; my bike doesn’t jolt me when accelerating, and the suspension makes it really comfortable to ride.” She added, “It’s honestly added a new dimension to my life. With a regular bike, it feels like exercise and you’re basically in survival mode. Now, I actually feel like I’m exploring and discovering places.”

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