A New Horizon

We recently had the chance to speak with John, a first-time E-Bike owner who was eager to tell us about his experience with the X-Trail Urban. At first, John had wanted an E-Bike for leisurely rides and weekend recreation. "I'm an active person, but I was looking to switch up my routine of going to the gym," he says. After his first outing on the X-Trail Urban, John realized he was onto something special. He was amazed at how comfortable, powerful, and maneuverable the bike was. "The suspension is amazing ... I felt like I was gliding no matter what terrain I was on," he says. Since then, John has been using his X-Trail Urban for more than just recreational biking. He rides the bike to run errands and quickly found out how convenient the rear rack was for hauling his groceries and gym bags around. He even loads the bike up on his family's pickup truck and brings on their camping trips. "It's opened up a world of possibilities for me" John tells us. "When I want to relax, I can go for a leisurely ride but for those days when I'm looking for an extra bit of challenge, I can turn up pedal assist and take on a trail" John is confident that he will get plenty of use out of his X-Trail Urban for years to come.