The Stylish Speedster

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Adrian about his X-Trail Pro. A young Industrial Engineer from LA, Adrian used to drive to work every day, but he felt bored and disillusioned about his “monotonous, cooped-up routine”, so he decided to invest in an E-Bike. After researching the many available options, Adrian chose the X-Trail Pro because it "offered a unique blend of motorbike-like performance with E-Bike elements". Adrian noted that riding the X-Trail Pro has improved his life in many ways. “It feels great to be outside feeling the wind when you’re riding.” He also likes the compliments he gets from strangers who see him riding his X-Trail Pro. “People really show interest about it ... it’s nice to see their enthusiasm and curiosity.” Adrian raved about the X-Trail Pro when asked what his favorite things were. "I'm really taken with its design," he said, "but it's the performance that sold me. Once I saw the dual-motor and dual-battery option, I knew this was the one. For this price point too? It was a no-brainer. It's amazing that I can now keep up with traffic so effortlessly."