Four of a Kind

Jason is our first customer and the owner of not one, not two, not three, but four X-Trail Lites. Having found out about Bandit by pure coincidence, we caught up with him over coffee to hear what he had to say about his experience so far.   “I ran into the guys at Bandit when I was unloading some stuff at my storage unit,” says Jason. A month later, he and his three teenage boys were at our warehouse trying out our E-Bikes. “We liked them so much that I bought four and it's definitely been the best Christmas gift they've gotten so far!”   An entrepreneur and young dad, Jason sees his Bandit E-Bike as a way to exercise and spend quality time with his kids. “Just a few minutes after we set everything up, we went out and rode the bikes for two whole hours,” he laughs. “It's become sort of a ritual now - every weekend, me and the kids take our bikes and hit a dirt trail; it's just ridiculously fun.”   When asked about what he liked best about his E-Bikes, he said: “I think the bikes are comfortable to ride, even if you're off-road or riding quickly, you don't feel unstable at all.” He adds, “The paint-job and decals also make the bike look awesome, which me and the kids like a lot.”