Getting into the flow

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Ryan, a Graphic Designer and long-time E-Bike rider, sat down with us to share his experience with his Black Bandit Wanderer. No stranger to E-Bikes, we asked Ryan why he chose the Wanderer: “I actually used to own a Super73 Z back when it first came out,” he says. “As I got a bit older, I started realizing that I preferred stealthier, more lowkey designs, which is why I really liked the Wanderer's more angular, racing bike-esque design.” “I love riding E-Bikes,” Ryan says. “But now I kind of feel like my old bikes were for recreation, while the one I have now is more a part of my day-to-day life; it's more 'serious.' He adds, “The specs are also incredible for the price Bandit is charging, and the way the bike is designed makes it easier to weave between cars.” Having started his career in design over 6 years ago, Ryan had this to say about E-Bikes: “It's become sort of a ritual for me. Riding my bike through LA has always given me a wave of inspiration; it gets me into my flow state. To me, exploring the city on the street level and being immersed in it helps capture its full and unique story. That, in my opinion, is what design is all about.”