The Game Changer

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Mateo recently moved from small-town Arizona to study Biomedical Sciences at UCLA and we had the opportunity to chat with him about how his Forerunner has helped him adjust to living in LA. “I was looking for an E-Bike that could take me anywhere -city streets, off-road trails - you name it,” he said, recalling when he first got to LA and had to rely on public transit to get to class. “My commute would take between 55 to 75 minutes. I’d try to make the most of it by reading, but the busses would regularly run late, which stressed me out even before I got to class.” When asked about life with his Forerunner, Mateo told us how amazed he was about its versatility. “This bike can do anything. It’s easy to turn and rides smoothly on basically any terrain.” He went on to say, “It’s been a game changer in helping me go places and do things. I’m saving up to 20 minutes of commute each trip; I can ride this all day and not get tired.” Overall, Mateo is happy with the Forerunner and thinks it’s the perfect purchase for anyone who wants something reliable, versatile, and powerful. “This gets the job done and more,” he said. “What you get is a top-end spec for a much cheaper price.”